Maple Crest Early School Students Raise $3170

Maple Crest Early School has been a strong supporter of Socks for Change. This year, their students wanted to help provide other kids with warmth by giving them wool socks, knit gloves, and fleece hats. They connected with these kids through Food4Kids Niagara, a charitable organization that provides healthy food packages to kids aged 4-14 with limited or no access to food.
In order to raise money, the Maple Early School students and their families packaged up supplies of our “Classic Sock” and sold them to their neighbours, families, and friends!
Incredibly, these children were able to raise $3170, allowing them to reach over 380 kids in Niagara – and providing them with warm wool socks, gloves and hats. The compassion and entrepreneurial spirit these children have shown have truly inspired us all.
Thank you Maple Crest Early School for doing an amazing job! We are so grateful to have you as our truly local partner!