PenFinancial donates $20,000 to kick off this winter’s Socks for Change Program

In a partnership that represents a shared mission of helping the vulnerable and impoverished people of Niagara, Socks for Change and PenFinancial are working together again this winter to deliver new warm wool socks, gloves, hats and scarves to thousands of men,
women and children. The truly local credit union donated a generous $20,000 today, to purchase 10,000 pairs of wool socks to kick off this winter’s Socks for Change Program.

“PenFinancial is honoured to announce our continued partnership with Socks for Change as part of our Truly Local Commitment to support the communities we serve in Niagara and Dunnville.” stated Ken Janzen, CEO of PenFinancial. “It’s been exciting to see our partnership grow over the past 3 years, and we are proud to help kick off this year’s campaign with a $20,000 donation.” he continued. “I encourage others to support this worthy cause and help put warm socks on the feet of thousands of people in need across the region this winter.”

While Socks for Change is a relatively new registered charity in Niagara, in three short years, it has donated over 65,000 pairs of new wool socks and 100,000 pieces of new winter scarves, hats and gloves to over 60 shelters and charitable organizations, more than 150 schools, Niagara Regional Police and EMS ambulances and anywhere else the organization finds a person who needs a pair of warm socks.

“More than 75,000 people in Niagara live on or below the poverty line and more than a third of these are children.” explains Sam Baio, founder of Socks for Change. “We are determined to donate as many socks and winter wearables that are needed and the pandemic has forced us to pivot our retail donation box fundraising model to an online format, to ensure we are able to raise the donations we need to make this happen.” he continued. “We’ve also had many people ask us if they can buy our socks for their own family members, so this year, we are launching a new campaign so that everyone in Niagara can enjoy the warmth and comfort of our wool socks.” Sam explains.

This winter, Niagara residents and businesses are encouraged to visit or to make a donation or purchase the wool socks for their own families through the new BuyOne/DonateTwo campaign. When you purchase one pair of new wool socks for $8, two pairs of socks will be donated to someone in need. “We are able to have the socks made for us for just $2, through a special partnership that I’ve nurtured over many years in the textile industry, however the high quality wool and silk mix socks retail for anywhere between $15 and $20.” Sam continued. The wool socks in support of Socks for Change will go on sale November 19th and all orders will be personally delivered by Socks for Change volunteers and PenFinancial employees.