Ending Poverty Feet First

Feet are your body’s foundation, keeping them healthy, dry and warm is important to overall health.  We know it is becoming harder to make ends meet and quality wool-blend socks are a luxury many cannot afford.  It’s hard to walk with wet feet, it’s hard to concentrate in school with cold, wet feet. We understand and that is why we launched Socks for Change 4 years ago.

If you are a school or not for profit in Niagara serving a community who needs warm, dry feet, please reach out by the communication form below. We are doing our best with wool shortages to ensure we can cover as many organizations in need, one sock at a time.

Socks & Winter Accessories for Niagara Schools & Charitable Organizations

Socks for Change is committed to ending poverty feet first in Niagara. We invite Niagara schools and charitable organizations to submit requests for socks and winter accessories to distribute to students and clients in need.

Thank you for letting us know how we can assist your organization or school. We want to ensure everyone has warm, dry feet this winter.  We will continue taking orders through the new year. Our deliveries are now paused until early January as we await more wool & sock supplies. We will update everyone on deliveries in January. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all who celebrate. 

Sam & his Sock team!
Help us end poverty, feet first!


Principal/Executive Director


DUE TO SUPPLY CHAIN SHORTAGES and skyrocketing wool prices, Wool socks and accessories, will be in short supply. We will try our best to get you as many socks & winter accessories as possible once available.

Your delivery date will be confirmed by email at a later date.